Transform your website to boost sales

Have you been wondering how to convert traffic on your website? How to get it to increase your sales and turn a profit for your company? If your website is not doing that for you, it’s time to call in a professional to help you transform your website so it does just that.

We bring to you a podcast that Jonathan Grubb, a consultant/adwords manager for the water damage field, and Alex Donovan, the owner and operator for (a)squaredstudio, recorded on how to turn your website into the most productive member of your sales team. It is a very informative piece. They talk about what the focus points on the site should be, so as not overwhelm a potential client, as well as what information should be highlighted as important. The podcast is geared more to the water damage field, but it can be absolutely be applied to any website to help increase traffic and to boost up sales.

Listen to the Podcast