The Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance

We’re happy to say that the EAMA website has gone live! It was pleasure to work with such a great group of people who have created an alliance to push a very important agenda throughout Connecticut and the northeast. The Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance was created to unify the manufacturing industry in the northeast, help students become interested in the manufacturing industry as a career, and to work together to create a better business climate for manufacturing as an industry. They have a presence spanning across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

One of the big goals for the web redesign was to give their website a refreshed, modern look that would help attract new members. The other, and just as important goal, was for the website to be a resource hub to existing members by offering a robust online resource library, as well as offering special benefits to its members. Behind the scenes, the website coordinates with a CMS (client management system) to help EAMA track memberships seamlessly.

Launch Website

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