Suches Adventures

Websites, Logos

The Website

We’re excited to showcase to you the beautiful new website we designed for Suches Adventures. The website compliments the logo we created for them over a year ago and captures the beauty and tranquility that Suches, Georgia embodies. On the website you can browse through 6 glamping sites they have on their campground and the site features that come with each one. You can also see what amenities the campground itself offers, as well as some really great local attractions to do and/or visit while you’re disconnecting from our technological world and reconnecting with the natural world.

The Logo

Suches, Georgia is known as the premiere fly fishing spot for trout, and its picturesque views of flowing rivers, glassy lakes, and lush forests. So we utilized all of these elements to create a logo that captures the whimsical beauty of nature, while keeping it grounded and rustic. One of the main uses of this logo is for it to be engraved onto a wooden sign that will hang at the campground’s entrance. Looking at it you are immediately immersed in a sense of nature and serious outdoorsy activities like fly fishing, hiking, and canoeing.

Launch Website