Studio Q Architecture

Studio Q, an architectural firm based out of Waterbury, CT, approached us to redesign their website to not only be mobile responsive, but to also showcase the beautiful architectural pieces that this talented firm creates.

The use of stock photos is sometimes necessary, especially if it’s a brand new business, but having actual photos of the facility, process, or people of the company is what truly makes a website stand out from all the others in that field. We’re always excited to be able to add that extra level of uniqueness to a website with our photography/videography skills, and we had the distinct privilege of going to Studio Q’s office and taking photos of the entire team while they were in their element.

This website is highly deserving for you to take a look at. Not just because of how well the site came out, but because of how extremely talented everyone at Studio Q is, and the high caliber of work that they have created, and continue to create! Visit the site below to see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Launch Website