SEO Surgeons

We’re excited for you all to see the spiffy new logo and website we created for one of our longest standing clients – SEO Surgeons (formerly known as Stellar eMarketing).

The Logo

We had a lot of fun collaborating with the great team there to create a custom logo that exudes trustworthiness, curiosity, and dedication. They had an idea of using an animal as a graphic, and the cat resounded with them all (as most of them are cat owners/lovers). Along with the cat they had expressed interest in having the cat in a surgeons outfit, since surgeons are expert professionals in the field of surgery, so we thought ‘yah why not!’ So we came up with this funny, loveable cat surgeon holding his trusty scalpel!

The Website

For the website, we carried over the fun, playfulness that was captured in the logo with custom parallax backgrounds of the blue gradient with mischievousness cat prints and scratches all over it, as well as creating other fun illustrated graphics of the kitty surgeon we sprinkled throughout the site. The overall website design is bold and dynamic, while being fun and playful with colors, graphics, and angled shapes.

It was an immense pleasure to have such a large amount of creative freedom from the client with this project, and to see and hear the client’s surprised delight when they saw the
finished products!

Launch Website