Revive Therapy Logo


A couple years ago we completed a logo design for Achieve Physical Therapy. Ernest, the owner, recently approached us with a request to create a new logo for his company as they are in the process of completing a rebranding strategy for his business – which is now being rebranded to Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness.

The logo design is clean, elegant, and calming to look at. The circle is a powerful yet soft graphic to use in design because it has no beginning or end, and conveys a feeling of completion and harmony. Which ties in beautifully with the homage to Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, a mathematical illustration of his belief in the divine connection between the human form and the universe.The color blue in design is used to represent calmness, peace and spirituality. So naturally we utilized a blue palette, which gives the finished logo a definite sense of harmony, unity, and completion!

Along with rebranding his logo, we will also be rebranding his website, so keep your eyes peeled for when we showcase its launch!