Nutritionist Meal Plans

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Nutritionist Meal Plans offers professional meal plans that are designed to make eating healthy easy, nutritious, and satisfy your appetite. Jennifer has over 15 years of nutritional communications experience, and has deep passion and love for helping guide people to taking control of their health and creating healthy and delicious meals.

The new website is clean and sophisticated in design, with a gentle, calming palette of white and muted shades of green that convey a sense of hope and motivation. For a lot of the graphic elements, such as the buttons and images, we utilized rounded corners that lend a softness to the site that gives it a more approachable and comforting feel when a viewer looks at it.

The site also has a rather neat, and easy to use, calculator that helps you find your basal metabolic rate, BMI, and target calorie intake per day for maintaining weight and for weight loss.

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