Nutmeg TV

Websites, Non-Profit

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the newly redesigned website for Nutmeg TV – one of our longest standing clients! Located in Farmington CT, Nutmeg TV is a video production studio that welcomes independent producers to learn and grow in a production environment, while also providing a distribution method for their content via IPTV to homes and online streaming platforms. They also have fully equipped production studio facilities available to be rented for photo and video shoots.

We really pushed the design elements for this website, and boy do the results really make this site pop! We kept the color palette black, white and the vibrant green from their logo. The black and white give a classic feel to the design, while the vivid green brings a nice pop of color and draws the eye to key points or features on the site. When it came to the menu navigation, we changed the typical way we handle menus and went with a dramatic, fullscreen mega menu layout that breaks up the hierarchy of the pages in a way that puts more emphasis on their production and television services since they’re front and center when you click on the menu icon.

Click the button below to not only see the high quality production services this great company has to offer, but to also see the intuitive design we created for the website!

Launch Website