Niantic Children’s Museum

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Niantic Children’s Museum, a non-proft children’s museum created in 1992, provides interactive, creative learning experiences for young children and their families. We first worked with the highly creative team 7 years ago when we designed their initial website. They were recently awarded a grant to make upgrades to the museum, as well as their website; so you can imagine our delight when they approached us to give their website a refreshing makeover that is energetic, playful, and showcases the great exhibits, events, and activities they offer to children and their families!

The spiffy new web design is bright, happy, and playful to look at. The color palette we utilized reflects the energetic colors from their logo, and it adds a nice, lively element throughout the interior pages. The wealth of content that this website holds is divided up beautifully for ease in readability and pinpointing specific information.

Visit the site below to see this fun, spiffy new redesign, seeing all the great activities, exhibits and events they offer, as well as staying up-to-date on the museum’s upgrades process!

Launch Website