Mercy Learning Center is a really amazing non-profit here in Connecticut that provides basic literacy and life skills training to women with low-income using a holistic approach within a compassionate and supportive environment. On top of these programs they offer a supportive services like daycare and pre-school so their students can focus on furthering their education while knowing their children are also receiving nurturing care and valuable educational services.

The rebuilt website is bright and inviting with tasteful usage of the colors from their logo and eye catching watercolor graphic elements. The website hosts a treasure trove of information on the many different programs that MLC offers to its students, as well as information on how to become a volunteer with them, and the many different ways that you can make a donation to help their cause.

Along with rebuilding their website, we also created a 3+ minute long custom animated video for their fundraiser event, along with a whole print package to promote the event. You can read more about each of these pieces further down.

The Animated Video

The animated video was created to be presented at Mercy Learning Center’s fundraiser event that they held at the beginning of October.

We carried over the watercolor elements from the website and print materials and used them eye catching animated masks throughout the video; we also added an elegant flair by having the script text animate in as if someone is writing the words.

The overall message and feel of the video is one of hopes and dreams being achieved with the love and support of both the individuals who work at MLC and the community of women who are enrolled in their programs. Watching the video and seeing the many different photos pass over the screen, while listening to the music and the women’s voices speaking, stirs great emotions within and it all comes to a crescendo with a real lovely drone shot of the 140+ students that are currently pass through Mercy Learning Center’s doors daily.

The Print Materials

In addition to the website and animated video, we also had the opportunity of designing print materials to market their annual fundraiser. We created a mailing postcard to announce the date, time and venue of their event; an invitation with custom envelope, remittance card and sponsorship card; and 7 different posters they wanted to have displayed at variety locations of the venue to highlight specific stats and information about their mission of empowering women through education.

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