Manufacturing Skills for Connecticut

Websites, Non-Profit

We’re real excited to showcase to you this dynamic and captivating education resource website we designed for Manufacturing Skills for Connecticut – a government funded program that connects schools with manufacturing companies for education and training programs for secondary, high school, and post secondary school with the main goal to strengthen the manufacturing workforce in Connecticut

This was a collaboration between many organizations, both national and regional; and with a lot of many great minds that worked to develop the data, as well the research, to add to the future of education in Connecticut. A culmination of 2 years of hard work from all sides to produce what you see today.

As soon as the website loads your eyes are captivated by the the animated graphics to the right of the title. Then you notice that the background as a gradual color gradient shift as well. Scroll further down and you can see small design elements / animations that add depth and volume to the design.

For a government funded website it is stunning to look at, and such a relief to be able to easily find any reports or specific school programs that one is searching for. Our studio was honored to be a part of this project and look forward to seeing the positive results that will come from it!

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