Magical Minds Studio

Responsive Websites

It’s always a real treat when we get to collaborate other artists, no matter their medium. We’ve had a great relationship with the team out at Magical Minds Studio, an art studio for all ages in Oak Park, IL, that has lasted for nearly a decade! We’ve created numerous marketing pieces for them, designed the first iteration of their website, and now, have collaborated with them to give their website a new, refreshing look that is responsive across all devices!

This website is bright, colorful, and playful from the greens and blues we use as accent colors throughout the site. The smiling faces of children in nearly all of the images evoke a sense of happiness and excitement that is contagious as soon as you look at it.

The amount of work and educational wisdom they provide to their students is absolutely astounding and inspiring. If you’re close to Oak Park, IL and have been looking for something new and engaging for your child, or you yourself are looking into learning a new skill, you have to check out Magical Minds Studio. You will not be disappointed!

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