lizard mill sauce co

Our graphic design skills are on fire lately! Here’s a brand spanking new logo AND snazzy looking hot sauce labels for the great company Lizard Mill Sauce Company!

For the logo design they were looking to incorporate lizards and the intense heat of both the hot sauce and the southwestern parts of the US – and what better represents heat in both taste and feel but the sun! The little lizard has so much character it, and blends in beautifully with the font it’s wrapping its tail around – and it transfers perfectly over to the bottle labels!

For the labels they requested a new label for each kind of flavor they will be creating. With each label comes a different, cute little lizard and different ingredients behind it that depicts what the flavor of the sauce is.

This was a really fun project to have collaborated with Lizard Mill Sauce Company, and wish them nothing but the best in creating tasty and tantalizing hot sauces for our tastebuds to enjoy!

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