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When it comes to e-Commerce websites, they can be easy and simple in design, or they can be sophisticated, elegant, and beautiful to look it. At asquaredstudio we’ve been working on a lot more e-Commerce websites this past year, so we’ve built a pretty diverse portfolio of these websites – all with their own look and feel that compliments their business and products very well. This e-Commerce website is for KBMore Designs, whose specialty is in personalized gifts & hand poured fragrances.

The website design and layout is elegant and sophisticated with a soft, feminine touch. The shop page is easy to navigate through, with large images of the many different products this company has to offer; and doesn’t feel overwhelming with all the products laid out such as they are, whereas some e-Commerce websites can most certainly feel overwhelming when one is
browsing their inventory.

Visit the site below to see that e-Commerce websites can be as beautifully designed as regular brochure sites!

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