Judy Cook, of Judy Cook Interiors, is a long standing client of ours. We’ve worked with her for many years on her website and helping take beautiful photos of houses that she has helped bring to life with her interior decorating skills. She approached us earlier this year with the request to help redesign her website and brand, and we were more than
happy to fulfill that request.

Many of Judy’s clients are located along the shore, so she uses numerous hue’s of blue and blue-green to bring the essence of the sea right into their homes. It was only natural to keep up with the ocean theme and change the browns that she was using in her brand to shades of blue.

Her website has a new and refreshing look, and still retains the elegance and sophistication that Judy and her work emanates. All of the photos that you see on the site were taken by the very talented lead photographer, Alex. Judy has won numerous awards for her exquisite interior design talents, so it’s only fitting that her website reflect the beauty and sophistication that she brings to her clients’ homes. Click the button below to not only see how beautiful the site came out, but also to see the stunning living spaces Judy creates!