Jess Dorner Nutrition

Responsive Websites, Logos, Graphic Design

Jessica is a registered dietitian with interests in Diabetes Management, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness, and she is also a certified Reiki practitioner.

When it came to designing Jessica’s logo and website, we wanted to capture the regal and calming energy that she possesses. So we chose to use a gradient plum purple and created a graphic that embodies both the holistic and spiritual nature of Jessica and her practice. The website is clean and elegant, gives off a calming aura, and is very easy to navigate.

It’s always a pleasure to help a client start from the ground up with a logo, business card, and website. It really helps develop and solidify their brand, and helps them stand out and above others in their career field. Click the button below to see how beautiful this website is, as well as seeing all of the great services that Jessica offers!

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