jennifer jakowicz

We had the extreme pleasure of designing a portfolio website for the extremely talented television production and marketing connoisseur, Jennifer Jakowicz. She has worked with many great television networks and works on every aspect of production and marketing through an effective and collaborative process. Her success in helping find the best way to execute innovative ideas led to an increase in audience 2017 vs 2016 for Investigation Discovery,
its best year in network history!

So naturally, when it came to creating a portfolio website to showcase her work, we wanted to create a site that is both stylish and dynamic and reflects her creativity and flair for production and marketing. Making the entire website black certainly achieves these points, and since there is not a large amount of text to read, your eyes won’t become fatigued (which typically happens when you have a large amount of white text on a black background). Stop on over by her site to not only see how awesome it looks, but to also some some some of the great shows
she has helped to create!

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