hobbiton house custom product label

Graphic Design

We’re really excited to present to you this gorgeous, beautifully hand-drawn label we created for Hobbiton House homestead to be used on their jam and preserve jars, and for their homemade cider bottles.

As you can tell from the name of the homestead, there is a very special place in their hearts for Lord of the Rings, and in particular – the hobbits. They wanted the label to have a cozy hobbit house that had a similar art style as that of Beatrix Potter (the illustrator of the classic children’s book Peter Rabbit). They also requested to have objects around the house that they grow and preserve on their homestead, and an area to be able to write on the label; and what better way to further capture the nostalgia of a medieval/fantasy world than to use a scroll to hold the handwritten word?!

The label catches that and so much more! When you look at it you are immediately transported to The Shire (the hobbit village in Lord of the Rings). The label captures the serene and idyllic scenery that a Hobbit’s plot holds perfectly, and you feel the sense of homeliness and the deep love they have for well made food. This was a really fun project to work on (because most of us here have a love for the world that Tolkien created), and we look forward to seeing what great items Hobbiton House is going to create!