haslam memorial foundation

The Haslam Memorial Foundation, a non-profit that supports youth programs in and around East Haddam CT, approached us to upgrade their website to be more easily accessible for donors to donate to the foundation, as well as being able to register to participate in or become a sponson for their annual golf tournament.

The overall design of the website is handsome and refined; with the ever classical pairing of a serif font for main titles and a sans-serif font for the smaller sub-headers. We chose blue and orange as our main color palette, with blue as the primary color, and orange to highlight key words or statements. We chose blue because blue has weight to it. It can help evoke calmness when a viewer looks at it. It can also evoke a feelings such as stability, responsibility, and loyalty. We used a couple of different tones of blue, with a darker blue as the color for the main titles and body font. While a lighter, more refreshing and energetic blue was use as an accent color.

For a second color it was only natural to go with blue’s complimentary color, orange. Orange is bright and lively, and evokes vibrant energy. Due to its associations with the fruit, orange is a great way to represent health and vitality. We utilized the orange sparingly with the main goal highlight key words, statements, and buttons.

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