Grady Property Restoration


Grady Property Restoration has been a long standing client of ours, so when he came to us with the request to create an emergency restoration services website that shattered the barriers of the typical mold of these websites, we put our creative design caps on and got to work!

The website design is bold and contemporary with the use of the stark black and white palette. While utilizing the bright red as a highlight immediate draws the eye to high level words or important points. We also created hexagonal, clickable shapes that direct you to each of their main service landing pages, something we’ve never tried before and are pleased the results we were able to achieve across all devices!

With over 40+ pages for the different services they offer, this is an expansive website; and with that many pages it can be a daunting task to create a menu and navigation system that isn’t overwhelming and non user friendly. With the use of a mega menu we were able to easily setup the high level menu items into neat columns and have their child pages housed nicely below them. Be sure to visit the site below to see how well designed restoration website breaks the common mold, as well as the great caliber of work that Grady consistently accomplishes!

Launch Website