Gotham Metalworks

Responsive Websites

Check out the new and greatly improved website we designed for Gotham Metalworks. Gotham Metalworks is a premiere sheet metal company considered to be the foremost supplier of high quality materials for replications, renovations and new construction projects throughout the New York area. The level of work that this company creates is impressive, so we wanted to create a website that captures the majestic beauty of their work.

One of the best ways to capture the high quality of work they create is by using numerous large, hi-res images of their projects throughout the site. It not only drives home the scope of their craftsmanship, but it also shows the high level of detail they can create. The website is crisp and clean in design, and captures the feel of the metal from their projects with the charcoal grey and copper colors that we chose for the color palette. Visit the site below to see the site for yourself, and be sure to visit their portfolio to see how masterful they are with metal!

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