Gerry Edtl Consulting

Gerry Edtl Consulting approached us to help revitalize their brand and create a new, timeless website for them. This father-daughter duo have been involved in the water damage restoration industry for decades, and they provide consulting services to water damage restoration companies to help them generate more leads. The biggest point that we strived for while designing and building this website was to make it easy to use, navigate, and understand their services. Additionally, we integrated an LMS (Learning Management Software) and e-commerce platform so Gerry could sell his consulting courses online to anyone, anywhere and they can take the course from wherever they are.

Did you know that in graphic design colors help convey a message about the business to the viewer? In this instance, we used the two hues of blue from Gerry Edtl’s logo to convey a sense of security, trustworthiness, wisdom and stability; and those qualities are certainly what Gerry Edtl Consulting is about.

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