Dragon’s Breath Forge


We are VERY excited to show to you the new and improved website for the exceptionally talented blacksmiths and swordsmiths at Dragon’s Breath Forge, located in Wolcott, Connecticut! Jamie Lundell and Matthew Parkinson are the talented duo who make up Dragon’s Breath Forge – these two eat, sleep, and breath the art of bladesmithing. They also had the amazing opportunity of going on and competing against other talented metalworkers on the first season of the History Channel’s popular show Forged in Fire!

When it came to designing the website for the forge, we really wanted to capture the high contrast that working with hot metal creates, and the photos and video from around the forge that Angel took really capture the raw beauty that fire and hot, molten metal create with one another. We also wanted to integrate patterns/textures throughout the site that echo the patterns of the Damascus Steel that they are known for making for a lot of their projects (Damascus steel is numerous intricately stacked pieces of steel that are drawn and forged out to create stunningly beautiful patterns in the metal).

It was a pleasure to collaborate with such amazingly talented artists that work in a centuries old art form that is no longer as common in our age as it once had been, and to create magnificent works of art out of fire and molten metal. Visit the site below to see how well the website turned out, as well as to see all the great things this local business has to offer!

Launch Website