We’d like showcase to you the new logo, branding guideline, and website we created for Adia – New England’s leader in 3D printing solutions. Adia, previously known as ACT3D Group, approached us to help them with a complete company rebranding project.

The Evolution of a Brand

Below is an image of what their logo was before the rebranding process, and then you see the finalized logo after we worked together with the client. We accomplish this through a specific intake and interview process, and a series of collaborative steps to find the right graphic and font treatment that speaks out to the client and makes them exclaim:
‘Yes! This is what I was looking for!’

Setting the Standards of a Brand

As with most logos we design, we do a light and dark version. this is so they can use it on any background they desire for both digital and print applications. Along with the logo, we created a whole new branding guideline that sets the standards for the tailored color palette, the font and the specific font usage, as well as acceptable and unacceptable usage of the logo. Creating a branding guideline such as this helps both the company keep the branding standard, as well as any print or digital media outlets who will utilize the brand.

The Website

To round out the branding package, we designed a sleek and modern website that carries over many of the design elements we utilized in the logo and branding guide – this creates a completely cohesive, solid brand that makes it significantly stand out from amongst other brands!

Launch Website