Acceleron Inc. is the premier electron beam welding company in the entire country. For more than 4 decades they have been recognized as the industry’s leading resource for electron beam and laser welding, drilling, cutting and marking services; with a large source of their work being for the Aerospace & Defense Industry. So we were pretty excited when they asked us to not only redesign their website, but to also take photos and video of their facility and their employees
hard at work.

The website itself is bold and in your face with the use of the heavy type face and large, detailed photos from around the facility. We created a nice, eye-catching element by using a light blue color for the important words in the headers. The high definition videos and photographs that we took and used throughout the site help further solidify the fact that this company is the leading forerunner in their industry that has unmatched workmanship in the country. Visit the site below to see all this great company has to offer, and how great their web redesign came out!

The Corporate Commercial

Vince approached us with the request to film a 3+ minute long walkthrough video with voice over of all this company does, we were floored to expand our video services to make this happen!

The commercial is elegant and dynamic to watch. From the eye catching intro animated graphics we created, to the stylishly created video transitions that follow the beat of the background music. Along with filming, editing, and animating the commercial, we also worked with a copywriter to write up the script that Vince used for the talking/voice over parts.

This commercial is a great show piece! It captures the high quality machinery they have in their facility, the attention-to-detail for quality assurance, and the dedication their employees have to their company. Not only can this commercial be utilized on their website, it can also be used at tradeshows and like venues to draw in and captivate potential clients! It was really an amazing experience for us all working with Acceleron in this new medium; and one that we look forward to working in again!

Launch Website