Meet the Team: Hadria

(a)squaredstudio has been around for a long time now (over 17 years) and while we started out as a husband and wife team, we have gained some really amazing people to work in our studio. We wanted to give you a more intimate look at each one so you can see how talented they are and how those skills help make (a)squaredstudio the great team it is!

Hadria Hermele

Graphic Designer / Illustrator / A kaleidoscope of colors &/ A Valkyrie
(a)squared’s newest team member

Hadria Beth Hermele is a lifelong artist with a B.A. in Fine Art from York College of PA. She accidentally fell in love with Graphic Design and enjoys combining her fine art skills with graphic illustrations. Inspired by the joyful and whimsical side of life, her designs are often colorful, playful, and imaginative.

Hadria is also a firm believer that science and art go hand in hand, and often enjoys creating designs, illustrations, and comics based on science and astronomy. She is the creator of Microcosm, a webcomic about astronomy and the planets in our solar system.

When not being artsy, Hadria can be found either traveling the world or happily at home with a glass of wine and her lovable Havanese, Otto.

Hadria's Comic

Below is the ever adorable Otto and a few pieces Hadria’s work