Meet the Team: Ashley

(a)squaredstudio has been around for a long time now (over 17 years) and while we started out as a husband and wife team, we have gained some really amazing people to work in our studio. We wanted to give you a more intimate look at each one so you can see how talented they are and how those skills help make (a)squaredstudio the great team it is!

Ashley Donovan

(a)squared Owner / Accounting Department / Senior Graphic & Web Designer / Illustrator & Artist

For as long as there’s been (a)squared, Ashley has been 50% of it – usually behind the scenes working on designs or handling your accounting! When (a)squared was founded in 2007, Ashley had recently graduated from UConn with a Bachelors in Fine Art and was working at a stationery shop in Chicago. She and Alex began their adventure into business ownership with not much more than a couple laptops and their art portfolios. Today you know the iconic red bird to be a dependable brand that stands for hard work and solid talent.

Before (a)squared, Ashley studied Illustration at school, hoping to be a children’s book illustrator. While her love of sequential art, children’s stories, and fine art illustration are still strong, her talents evolved into self-taught graphic design, and helped shape the direction of the company’s client portfolio. One of her favorite things about her job is seeing her designs “in the wild” – a logo on a sign, a billboard hanging, or a tradeshow display lit up!

When it comes to art, Ashley pretty much loves everything from book art to paintings and design. If she had her way, her house would be filled with M.C. Escher lithographs, Mark Rothko paintings, and vintage movie posters (and if you’ve ever been to the (a)squared office, you’ll find a lot of posters!) Outside of work, Ashley shares her passion for art with her 14-year old son Patrick, who’s quite an amazing artist himself. You can usually find her in her home studio, drawing or oil painting.

Below are a few photos of Ashley’s work: