Meet the Team: Angel

(a)squaredstudio has been around for a long time now (over 17 years) and while we started out as a husband and wife team, we have gained some really amazing people to work in our studio. We wanted to give you a more intimate look at each one so you can see how talented they are and how those skills help make (a)squaredstudio the great team it is!

Angel Lundell

Graphic Designer • Photographer • Video Editor • Fine Artist • Medieval History Enthusiast
(a)squared team member for 5 years

This week we’d like to introduce you to Angel Lundell, who has been with us for almost 9 years now. She first came to our studio as a shy, little intern while she was studying for dual degrees in both Graphic Design and Multimedia at Middlesex Community College. Angel was not your typical college student, she was what they term as a ‘mature student’ – meaning she was 30 when she went back to college.

Here’s a little back history that helped make Angel the person she is today: Angel grew up in the quiet, rural northeast corner of Connecticut. She graduated high school in 2002 and shipped off to Air Force basic training that November. From there she went to Alabama for her technical school training, and her final duty station was located at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, OK. She served her 4 years working with the great AWACS team and felt it was time to go back home as her term came up (she was feeling real homesick). She became an Army contractor after moving back and worked for the AVCRAD in Groton CT for 7 years until the sequester hit all the contractors there.

It was at that time that she realized she still had access to the GI Bill and decided it was time to go back to school and pursue the passion she had since her father first taught her to draw: Art. While at MxCC she honed her graphic design and multimedia skills, while also expanding on her fine art skills in oil painting, photography, color theory, and drawing. During her last semester an internship was required, so Angel did some research into local design studios and reached out a many different ones located in CT; and it was (a)squaredstudio that responded to her inquiry. From the initial interview she had with Alex and Ashley, she knew that this was going to be a great opportunity since both of them also studied art when they were in college and they had keen eye for design; and from that fateful January day, Angel has been furthering her skills as a graphic designer and has started to dip her toes into the world of web development.

Angel still lives her life on the 3 core values that the Air Force is founded on: Integrity. Service before Self. And Excellence in all We do; and that is seen immediately in her work ethic, and in the quality of work that she puts out.

In her free time, when she’s not chasing around her 14 month old son with her blacksmith husband, she’s either working in her many flower or vegetable gardens, taking wildlife/nature photographs, or delving into the world of medieval history in the Society for Creative Anachronism (aka SCA). We’re honored to have Angel on our team and look forward working together on a wide variety of projects that come our way over the years!

Below are a few pieces Angel’s photography and fine art work