May 1, 2020

Consolidate Your Social Media

Social Media Management

consolidate your efforts

Social Media can be a beast, and when do you have time to manage all of it and then your business? If you have not seen the following tools, take advantage of them. Below there are links for 2 online resources. Each does basically the same thing, consolidate your social media management into one platform and track engagement.

In our office, we use Buffer. Totally love it, very easy to use, and we can schedule out weeks in advance posts and updates to our platforms. It makes it easy to get someone on it one day every couple weeks and spend maybe an hour getting our feeds set up and running.

These can both get very in-depth, but from the surface it is a great way to get started and save some time during the week.

Buffer is totally free for up to 3 feeds. After that it is a paid service. It’s easy to set up and run with in a short while.

Check Out Buffer

Hootsuite can be super involved. Definitely some advanced level tracking and engagement in here. It’s very robust. This is completely a paid service, but one of the best in the industry.

Check Out Hoostuite

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