Pumpkin Masters!

Villafane studios is at it again this season with some amazing, awesome, spectacular pumpkin sculptures. Ray and his team are just incredible talents. Take a moment and check out their gallery!

Check It: Villafane Studios »






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Chicago In HD

Some great time lapse of Chicago, throughout the seasons, downtown events and time of day, this captures an elegance to Chicago’s skyline you might not see on the ground floor.




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Fold, fold and fold some more!

Remember making paper airplanes? Well, this great little site has all the plans, folds and instructions. From the basic “arrow” to the novelty “flying circle” your paper airplane needs have now been fulfilled! Check It Out »


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25 Pieces of Back to the Future Trivia



Know everything there is to know about back to the future? I thought i did. Some fun little trivia from behind the scenes and making the films.
Back To The Future » 

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How Big Is The Universe?


Science is awesome and the numbers put forth in this video are just mind boggling. A great way to distill complex physics into something with context.

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First Ladies


Since they often get overlooked, I wanted to share a fun quiz about the Presidential First Ladies. I discovered while taking several of these types of quizzes, I know next to nothing about them! We should change that. Try your hand at history (because behind every great man is a great woman, right?) first ladies »

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Build With Chrome


Google Chrome & Google Maps have teamed up with lego! Now you can build pretty much anything through Chrome’s 3-d lego builder, and see what others have made. You can also learn to become a master builder through the training academy…yup, pretty cool and fun.

Lego »

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Turn your friends into vampires


Without all the blood, of course. Picmonkey is an online image editor that has created some cool effects you can add to your pictures – including turning yourself into a vampire, zombie, or sugar skull. Picmonkey »

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Gallagher in Slow Motion

This is magical and awesome, and makes me so happy. Everyone’s favorite kitchen tool, the Sledge-O-Matic, is back and this time in glorious slo-mo. The camera work is so great, and who does’t want to see a flaming sledgehammer smash a watermelon? It’s pure fun, check it out!


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Here’s some more trivia for your Friday perusing! How much do you know about movies? Take quizzes created by other users, but be warned, some are pretty darn hard! movie iq »

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