Hunt Down Your Favorite Food Truck


Roaming Hunger has a very cool site to find your favorite food truck through new york city. What a cool way to get to your favorite on-the-fly gourmet eatery.

Roaming Hunger »

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New York Timelapse


A very cool time-lapse of new york. Spend the day in the big apple and see how its tone, color and attitude evolves as the sun goes down!

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On The Runway – April Edition


Some very cool things are coming down the line with (a)squaredstudio. we are covering a wide gamut of industries, from interior designers, nostalgic hotels set in the middle of Pennsylvania and high-class event staffing services out of new york city. Stay tuned as these project come to light!

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This is a beautifully shot look at Chicago, its people and magnificence. An elegant short film showcasing the grandeur and best qualities of america’s second city. 

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23 Fun Facts About Firefly


Firefly was one of the greatest science fiction shows ever made and was unfortunately short-lived. well the mythos can live on through the magic of the internet. Get your firefly fix!

Firefly »

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The Pixar Theory


A theory has been floating around for the last few months on the complicated interweavings of the pixar universe and now there is a website to explain it all! An interesting look at tying the universe together. 

pixar theory »

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Tiny Worlds


Sometimes there can be great humor and stories to be told with the worlds we might not see. Great and funny short on the hidden world by our feet!

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The Science Of Ben and Jerry’s


Ever wonder how ben and jerry’s flavors get made, or who makes them? Ever think buffalo wing ice cream would get made? Well it’s been tried! 

Ben and Jerry’s »

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How Big Is The Universe?


Science is awesome and the numbers put forth in this video are just mind boggling. A great way to distill complex physics into something with context.

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Now that St. Patrick’s Day is over!


What are the numbers that go into an american celebration of st. patrick’s day? Quite a bit: check it out!

St. Patrick’s Day »

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